Being not common mass for me (the weight is just 7 grams) this ring was born in my mind long before its appearing in metal. When I sat down at the table to embody the idea in wax, I spent... it's hard to judge time when you set about working with a kind of fanaticism... who knows, maybe it took some hours, but I remember it how it was just an instant, twinkling. It doesn't mean that the work is simple and it's not worth the money. It means that I thought about shape so much so I got muscle memory and I didn't look for a perfect line, I knew where it should have been! The history of the many-faced ring. 

     The ring is imbued with mystics and mystery under the moment of reincarnation.

     It'll become both a perfect present and an adornment of your hands for bikers or connoisseurs of gothic.

Material: silver
Final processing: blackening
Weight: 7g (it depends on the size)


We need up to 10 business days after payment for the manufacture of your order. The timing of the sample is 2 weeks.

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