Look at this ring photo carefully. Answer the question to yourself – what do you see?

     I left some space especially to avoid your eye from catching on the further narration before you are ready to read it. 

     I won't guess I will just say what I see in this work: Nature. Immortality. Wisdom. Power. Life.

     Nature. Look carefully at all the cracks, pores, bone growth and their directions. The era followed the era, the world was changing, but the lineaments that you discerned in the photo, passed through the centuries. Immortality. The lineaments were passed on from generation to generation, as the ring itself in your hands may become a piece of you, your history, which you'll be able to keep or present it to your significant other! Wisdom. Looking at this jewellery work it's possible to sigh deeply being imbued with its greatness or being terrified with its pain, which is experienced and was able to pass it through ages. Power. But the nature of the universe is unprejudiced, and having taken this ring – it's exactly you who will imbue it with history! Your history. Your life.

      If you're concurring my ideas, if having read this text you felt inspiration – so then this ring is for you!

      Somebody may feel inspiration but will be afraid of condemnation and stereotypes, that such rings suit only brutal and harsh men, bikers, representatives of Gothic subculture, rock 'n' rollers. No! We were created without prejudice after all, and this ring has as much evil as good, as much pain as happiness, as much death as life. We are the creators of our history!

Material: silver
Final processing: blackening

A distance between cheek-bones 23 mm
Hight (from the top of the forehead till the bottom of the jaw) 29 mm

Attention! In connection with the epidemiological situation in the world, we are temporarily working on pre-orders. Only sizes available in stock are available for purchase. You can choose your size, pre-order with your email, we will contact you and discuss the details and the possibilities of manufacturing and shipping. Take care of yourself!

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