An exchange is an unpleasant topic for both sides... That's why we will pay special attention to it.

As you make the decision on making an order, focusing on the emotions received from reading each story of each product and studying its photos, I strive to demonstrate the product from all sides: tell about it, show product photos from different angles and photos with their fitting on the model, in some cases - video presentation. All this in order for you to maximize the appearance and overall size of each particular product.

But what is said in the law on the return of jewelry:

Consumer protection law says that if you find any defects in the jewelry, which we have not reported in advance, you have the right to put forward the following requirements:

  • replace the jewelry with exactly the same;
  • reduce the price due to the presence of defect on the jewelry;
  • eliminate the defect at our expense;
  • reimburse expenses that you incur in correcting the defect;
  • return the money in full, for the paid goods (in this case, you will need to return the jewelry of inadequate quality to the shop).

You must understand that in the case when the decoration corresponds to the declared quality and appearance, and you simply ceased to like it - the return is impossible. In accordance with the law, only products with a factory defect within 14 days of receipt of shipment are subject to return.

To minimize the possibility of error, please go to the “ring sizes” section and review the information presented there.

Be careful when making a choice.



Contacts of the shop for the exchange or return of goods: