BONN is something more than just a jewellery brand.

     My name is Vyacheslav and I unite a group of people who are bounded with one idea and philosophy. Aspiring to convey to people around the world the importance and complexity of creating jewellery sculpture, we are literary standing on the cusp of the revolution of this style. Now it may seem to be a broad statement, but exactly these statements, ambitious and belief in our work make this brand special. I have a degree in welding, and the first acquaintance with a medal was in my school years, then I started my blog and YouTube channel where I was working with metal openly and creating exclusive axes with the help of welding! I've already made some 4 meters sculptures which have become monuments for cities. Constantly trying different technologies and directions in working with metal I began to assimilate casting first artistic and then jewellery. I found myself, I understood that creating a recognizable sculpture for the city is a high level. Creating a sculpture which may appear on the people's breast in the form of a pendant or on their hands in the form of rings is something more, this is beyond any assessment. Jewellery swallowed me up and gave an opportunity for self-realization. And I'm very glad to have been able to have found a team of like-minded people. But BONN is not only people who are working on creating jewellery sculptures but people around the world who share our mind and value creative work and soul put in the jewellery works. And these jewellery works of art unite us.