Ring with a small skull is light and practical. This one like other ones in the shop is a fruit of hard handy work. This ring is the first product of the workshop BONN from which it carries a special value. Each ring of this model is created on the basis of the first one, improved and elaborated. That's why every ring of this model and other models of brand BONN is unique and made with hands. Getting your product you get not only metal shape, but the author's mood and a piece of his soul. I never treat my products as work, I don't start working without a proper mood. Each line, carved with a cutter, is a line drawn with the artist's hand.

    This small ring is suitable for wearing it on the third-finger or little finger

Material: silver
Final processing: blackening
A distance between cheek-bones 13 mm
Hight (from the top of the forehead till the bottom of the jaw) 17mm

Attention! In connection with the epidemiological situation in the world, we are temporarily working on pre-orders. Only sizes available in stock are available for purchase. You can choose your size, pre-order with your email, we will contact you and discuss the details and the possibilities of manufacturing and shipping. Take care of yourself!

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