A truly unique pendant, because it was created by nature itself, and we only helped.

Each of the pendants is unique, like a snowflake, like everything that was created by nature. Accordingly, the pendant that you are purchasing is one of a kind: it will look like the copies that you see in the photo, but it will certainly differ from them. Please, place an order only if you accept the difference between your silver alder cone and the rest and appreciate the uniqueness)


Material: 925 sterling silver
Pendant weight: 1 to 2 grams
Silver chain as a gift
Weight with chain: about 4g

С 23 июня 2020 года был официально опубликован и вступил в силу Федеральный закон № 188-ФЗ от 23.06.2020 "о поправках в Федеральный закон "О драгоценных металлах и драгоценных камнях", согласно которому проба на серебряных изделиях российского производства не является обязательной.

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