We are creating not just jewellery, we are creating jewellery stories! These stories are designed to awaken inspiration in you and evoke emotions every time you look at them. Many of the works created by us are unfinished stories, leaving questions to the images and characters so that you yourself can write their fate, feed on their energy and fill them with your own. 

     Welcome to the world of jewellery BONN! 
    Please check the “about us” page and get to know us. It is very important that you share our ideas and views because the ideal product for you and pleasant work for us will be the product that makes you feel and feels like something special. 

    If after reading the description of the product you have any questions, please email us at mail@bonnfactory.ru before you place an order. 
We look forward to talking with you! 

     We also hope that your visit to our site will be pleasant for you and you will find what you are looking for!