First of all, I'd like to draw your attention that this is a piece of jewellery and not a household item. Such spoons should not be a lot in the cutlery, such a spoon should be only one (or a model set)! Exactly with the understanding of this moment, it is worth looking at this spoon. The spoon went through a full cycle of birth - from the idea and the sketch to the model and its casting. Any part of the spoon can be modified, keep it also in mind when you're thinking about purchasing it - you can remove the horns, close its mouth, add a couple of teeth to this toothless skull and other little things that will make your spoon - yours!

    And now just imagine the astonished looks of your friends when they see this in your glass! It would seem, what may surprise sophisticated views, but, I think, we will succeed with you. This unique piece of jewellery can surprise bikers, goths, connoisseurs of heavy music and generally anyone. And astonishment is at least! A teaspoon as a piece of jewellery will be a great gift for yourself or for your friends and loved ones.

Contact me if you want to discuss the creation of a whole range of dining items.

Material: silver
Length: 16 cm

Attention! In connection with the epidemiological situation in the world, we are temporarily working on pre-orders. Only sizes available in stock are available for purchase. You can choose your size, pre-order with your email, we will contact you and discuss the details and the possibilities of manufacturing and shipping. Take care of yourself!

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