Three War Lords gained a victory over endless wars at the sources of the universe, not left alive a single rival in the eternity of the worlds, lost their sense of living. Not said a word at the end of the most horrible and longest war, they dissolved in the battlefield. This battlefield was the Earth. Do they still exist among us? Probably. At least one of them had the power of time. The greatness of the ambitious warriors will hardly allow them to surrender into the arms of death without a fight ...

     The most ancient commander is a thinker prophet god Songu. He appeared long before the other's birth. He doesn't have a name because there was no one to give him it. He doesn't have a mouth because there was no one to listen to him. But he had eyes. All three faces possessed utter eyesight. He was watching the endless emptiness for centuries. Being alone with himself in the darkness, he moved ahead in self-knowledge, he heard the silence. After another tens of thousands of centuries some luminous dots became to appear in the endless emptiness, they were similar to the sun. Even the most distant stars that cannot be seen in modern telescopes blinded him. The light caused incredible pain. The pain he was not familiar with throughout his life. Heavy tears flowed and he could no longer concentrate on self-knowledge. Trying to stop it, he cut out his eyes ...

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