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Hello! My name is Slava and I'm the author of YouTube channel BONN.
On my channel you can see the complete manufacturing process of these blades with all the details. They are completely made by hand and it took 3 weeks to work.

These blades are the weapons of the main character of the computer game "God of War" Kratos.
The guard and the tops of the blades are made of brass, and the blades are made of steel. Handles are covered with genuine leather. The weight of each blade is approximately 2.5 kg

It is very important that you understand that these are decorative blades, and the blade steel is mild. You should not go to war against monsters with these blades. Blade edges have descents, but do not have razor sharpness.

The most important reason why all this was conceived and manufactured is charity.
The fact is that my close friend has can
cer. We have known each other for over 25 years (I am 29 years old) and now it has happened that he has developed a rare and very aggressive tumor. He has been fighting for life for more than a year and now he is undergoing a bone marrow transplant. This is one of the last stages of a possible treatment. Therefore, now any financial assistance is important to him. And I really want to help him.

I really tried hard to work on the blades. Today it is my most difficult work. I did everything I could to make you like these blades and I really hope that you will appreciate them.

I will transfer all the proceeds to a friend on your behalf. Together, we can support him in difficult times. Thank you so much for reading this message and thank you so much for your kind thoughts and words of support!

For technical reasons, it was not possible to place the lot on ebay. And also in order to protect against trolls, blades are placed in my official online store.

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