And did you know that this brutal and gloomy pendant is a final of my other work a unique axe made of metal and leather? This pendant is not just a piece in big work, this pendant is a pendant that has got an independent story. Like my other works, this gothic piece of jewellery has a considerable weight and is significantly different from the usual pendants in size. To understand if this is your product, I always suggest looking at the photo and listening to your inner voice. What do you feel? Do you wonder why this skull has so few teeth? What is its story? Did it lose its teeth in a fight or did they fall out of natural ageing? Was it a century-old sage or an inexperienced youngster ... The history of this jewellery pendant is not finished, it has just begun. Its continuation is in your hands.

Material: nickel silver
Final processing: blackening
Weight: 50-60 gr
Height: 55 mm

Нам необходимо до 10 рабочих дней с момента оплаты на изготовление вашего заказа. Сроки постановки пробы — 2 недели.

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