Series of rings "Hysteria"

    Hysteria is bright, horrible at times, non-controlled state for a human. We tried to disclose it in this collection. Look at them and you'll hear. Under hysteria, human loses his hearing at times. When emotions absorb the mind, human stops seeing the environment and the darkness comes. Being shut inside the consciousness the stupefaction comes. Take a break from the description for a while and imagine yourself in a very tight space, imagine how your movements are constrained and it is hard for you to breathe. In such a state we are immediately panicked and there is a desire to escape, efforts are in vain, emotions take over us and absorb the mind like quicksand absorbs the human who is trying to stay afloat. That is why the works of this series have no pronounced features of the face, they are blind, they have no ears and they suffocate being enveloped in absorbed emotions, they are doomed. Take a look at them and you will hear.

Material: silver
Finishing: polishing
Weight: 46g (depends on size)

We need up to 10 business days after payment for the manufacture of your order. The timing of the sample is 2 weeks.

Получил кольцо на почте, если кто то жалуется на почту РФ, поверьте почта РК вот это да...... О самом кольце, просто огонь - если кто то думает брать или нет то однозначно брать. Лично для меня неожиданностью стал его вес - оно очень увесистое, но на руке не смотрится грамоздко, или вычурно. Смотрится как законченное изделие ( иногда встречаются варианты, как будто чего то не хватает) здесь наоборот все завершенно и самодостаточно. Успехов магазину и мастеру !

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